Sunday, November 22, 2015

DIY | Art behind glass

A little while ago, my mom brought me a beautiful gift from Egypt. A piece of papyrus with a depiction of the 'Tree of Life'. This lovely piece of art definitely needed a frame of its own. But instead of using a passe partout, I decided to change things up a little.

Oh and guys! Specially for this post, I stepped out of my comfortzone and tried something new; I made a video for it! First one ever! It's not really special and it's definitely not high end, I'm still learning. Bear with me! :)

What you'll need:
Two identical picture frames & the picture you want to be on display
(that's all!)

Step 1
Take away the backing board and passe partout of both picture frames.

Step 2
Take away the glass from only one of the frames

Step 3
After you've put your picture in the frame, you lay the glass from the other frame on top of it (instead of using the backing board)

Et voila! That's it. It's so simple!

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