Saturday, December 05, 2015

Hotspot | The Park // New York

During my absence from my blog, I visisted New York in the summer with my mom and brother. For lunch and dinner we visited a number of restaurants and other little places where we had great food, but there's one place I can still remember after all these months; The Park.

We stumbled upon this restaurant completely by accident. We were walking around because we were planning on eating at another restaurant which was full at that moment. Since there were plenty of free tables at The Park we decided to just give it a go.

The front of the building didn't seem that special, but once we stepped inside, I fell in love with it; it had an indoor garden! With real trees, birds flying around and a lot of fairy lights. I had to sit there! It looked really magical! Also, the staff was very friendly and even the manager came to check if everything was allright. Both my brother and I had a steak with fries and my mom had a pizza (if I remember correctly). We all liked it a lot! I even liked it so much, I completely forgot to take pictures (Oopsie!)

I would definitely recommend this place to all of you. If you find yourself in the neighbourhood, definitely go and check it out.

Adress: 118 10th Ave, New York 10011

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  1. Woow, this looks really amazing,
    This is really on my have to do list before i get into my 40's

    Keep posting,
    Kind regards