Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DIY | Candle in a jar!


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For today I thought It'd be nice to do another DIY for you guys! My last DIY was an autumn collage, but this time I'm going to make candles!

So.. you may recognise this, your lovely candle has burned out but there is still some wax left. Such a waste to throw away! So why not make new ones out of this leftover wax?

What you need:
- Some leftover wax
- Empty jars or glasses
- 100% cotton trings
- Scissors
- Long skewers
- A pan to heat water in
- Tin can (or a smaller pan that fits into the other pan)

Step 1
Melt the wax in a bain-marie (make sure you get rid of the last pieces of wick).

Step 2
When the wax has melted completely, dip the cotton string that has been tied to a skewer in the wax. This will be the wick of the candle.
Lay the skewer on top of the jar/glass so that the wick hangs all the way to the bottom. 

Step 3
Pour the melted wax into the jar and make sure that the wick hangs right in the center.
Put your jars in a place where they can cool and nobody accidently can bump into (cleaning wax from the floor is not something you want to do, trust me...*sigh*)

Step 4
As you can see in the picture above, it may happen that the wax starts to sink into a hole after a while. No problem, this is normal and you can just pour some more wax into this hole after the candle has hardened a little. 

Step 5
After the candle has hardened out completely, you can take off the skewers and cut the wick so that it leaves approximately 1/2 inch above the candle.

TADAAAA!! Your candle is done and ready to be lit again!
You have protected the world from extra waste!
You go girl (or man)!

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