Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Personal | Winter Addictions

Winter is coming , no actually its still here kinda lol spring is coming hehe just now making my Winter board hehe :)

It's already December guys! Wow...
Because the days are getting colder and darker lately, I have been confronted with the fact that I have a few addictions which tend to develop whenever winter gets near..

I need to have candles.. everywhere and all the time. 

And except for regular candles, I also need to have scented candles.

Tea.. I can't drink enough tea when it's cold. Most of the time I just drink it because it's a hot beverage and not so much because I like it (is that weird?)

Chocolate.. and homemade chocolate milk with marshmallows. I. LOVE. IT. 

Decorations. Whenever Christmas starts peeking around the corner I feel the urge to decorate my room with anything 'Christmassy'. 

Whenever it's getting cold, I start to wear layers upon layers of clothing. Sweaters, socks and warm slippers are my favorites. 

Do you have any winter addictions?

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