Sunday, November 09, 2014

Wishlist | Winter Wonder Land

Hi everybody!

Happy sunday! Hope you'll have an awesome one!

Even though Christmas is still a few a weeks away, I decided to set up a small winter wonderland wishlist! It has items which will make my winter super cosy and my house smell delish! 

So let's goooo!!

1. The Body Shop 'Red Musk' Eau de parfum. Normally I really like fresh and fruity fragrances, but since winter is coming I thought it would be nice to have a more spicier parfume. I already got to have a little sniff from this gorgeous perfume in the store, and I instantly fell in love! It smells super spicy and warm which is perfect for the winter. 
You can buy a bottle of 100 ml at the Bodyshop for €55,-  

2. LUSH 'Pearl Massagebar'. When I was shopping with my mom I found this massagebar at the LUSH store. The smell of roses... *sigh* I love it! It's perfect for giving yourself a moment of relaxation (or someone else!) I HAVE TO HAVE IT! 
It costs €10,95 for 50 grams. 

3. H&M Pile-lined Ragg Socks. I am a sucker for warm socks! During the winter my feet can get super cold, sometimes I can barely feel them. So these types of socks are my saviour! I already own four other pairs of these, but I just want more.. no I NEED more! They're perfect!
You can buy a pair of these socks at the H&M for €9.99

4. H&M Fleece Pyjama bottoms. I love love love the print of these pair of bottoms. It's so Christmassy! During the cold days you'll find me wearing comfy pyjama bottoms all day long! This pair of bottoms are great and the fleece will keep me nice and warm. 
You can buy one pair of pyjama bottoms for €9,99

5. HEMA fragrance sticks 'Oriental'. So.. to be honest, I already own these fragrance sticks and at the moment they are filling my bedroom with the delicious smells of orange, musk and roses. Hmm.. I love it! However, the perfume is almost entirely evaporated :( So I need to have new fragrance sticks!
A small bottle of perfume costs €5,-, you can also buy a bigger one for €11,-

6. 'Cranberry Ice' Yankee Candle. Lately I have seen and heard a lot about these Yankee candles, but I still don't have one for myself. So I decided that this one should be on my winter wishlist also. I figured that I'd like the 'cranberry ice' candle the most, since I've already had other types of cranberry scent candles and I really liked those. 
A large jar of 625 grams is going to cost me €26,30

I'm hoping so bad that some of these items will be in my possession this winter! 

What's on your winter wishlist? 

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