Sunday, November 16, 2014

Personal | Anti-bucket list

People always seem to be talking about their bucket list, a list of actions they think they should do before they die!
BUT.. in my opinion there should also be something like the 'anti-bucket' list, things you hope you never have to do before you die. 
So for today I thought I could lay out some of the things which are on my anti-bucket list. 

I hope I will never...
1. Run out of tea (same goes for chocolate and candy)
2. Eat spiders and/or insects.
3. Eat a whole fish (the head & fins just creep me out!) 
4. Sit home without a job
5. Get an incurable disease
6. NOT go to Japan anymore
7. Not travel in general
8. Lose my beloved stuffed animal (I love you Loekie)
9. Be drunk (getting tipsy is okay, I guess)
10. Lose my lipbalm! (Oh god no!!)

Pfewww! That was it I think! It's not a lot..  I noticed it was much harder to come up with things I hope I'll never have to do rather than things I DO hope I'll ever do.

What's on your anti-bucket list?

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