Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Personal | I suffer from...


So today I decided to talk about something that has been a part of my entire life and since there was a little 'incident' the other day I decided to just put it out there..

I never really thought about it that much, but one time, when I had to make these official photos for my passport (you know.. the ones you can't smile in), I found something wasnt quite right in my picture, it looked like I just killed something or someone (or at least was planning to)...

So what's my problem?
I suffer from... bitchy restingface.

Wanna see it? Okay.. but trust me, I'm not as bitchy as I look! REALLY!

Brace yourself!

One... two..... THREE!!


Yes folks, my face scares people away! or.. actually, it gives me unwanted attention.

My entire life people have been asking me why I look so mad, or have been telling me to smile from the other side of the room by using some sort of sign language.
I can't help it guys! This is just my face!

So anyway.. what happened the other day, you think? Let me tell you.
I was sitting in the train, with my boyfriend just minding my own business. The train just arrived at a station and this man walked by on the platform and for a split second our eyes met. I turned my eyes away fast but this man decided to stop, knock on the window and at first gave me a very angry look, but then he folded this face into this overly forced smile and made me do the same!
.....I was dumbfounded! I gave him a quick little smile and he replied with two thumbs up and just walked away!

uhm.. what just happened? Do I look that angry that this man had the uncontrollable urge to correct me?

Does this ever happen to you? Please tell me that I'm not the only one.

Bye xx

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  1. haha ik heb hetzelfde.. ik kan heel verwaand kijken en dat schrikt mensen af.. als ik lach dan klaart mijn gezicht helemaal op!

    1. Leuk om te lezen! :D Gelukkig lach ik best wel veel, dus mijn dodelijk blik is niet zo heel veel te zien. Haha!