Monday, February 02, 2015

Perfect travel songs!

I'm a sucker for music! And sometimes when I hear a song, it immediately feels like a 'travel song'. Do you know what I mean? There are these songs which make me feel like "Yes! This is perfect for when I'm in the car!" At those moment I can see myself driving on endless roads through beautiful landscapes. 

So here are two lists of songs, one for when I'm on the plane and one for when I'm on the road. I noticed that for both situations I have a very different taste in music. I tend to like electronic music such as chillstep way more for the moment I'm up in the air, maybe because it's a little.. 'dreamy' or something? I don't know. Haha! And when I'm in the car, I tend to listen to bands and guitars. 

Here you go! My two lists. Enjoy! 

On the plane 
* Booka Shade - Crossing Borders ft Fritz Kalkbrenner
* Great Skies - Infinite
* Module Module - An Interlude
* Module Module - Unconditional Election
* Pendulum - Streamline
* Owsey - I'll remain under our antique sky
* Rameses B - North
* Lily Allen - Air Balloon (Digital Farm Animals Remix) 
* Papercutz - Rives (Synkro Remix)
* Above and Beyond - Tri-State (5vel Remix)

In the car
* Gotye - Eyes wide open
* The Black Keys - Gold on the ceiling
* Cheap Trick - In the street
* Wir Sind Helden - Wenn es passiert
* Oasis - Wonderwall 
* Supertramp - Goodbye Stranger
* Green Day - Holiday
* Sense Field - You own me
* Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief
* The Raconteurs - Steady as she goes 
* Weezer - Island in the sun

Do you have any songs you listen to when you're on the go? Let me know! I'd love to check them out! 

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