Friday, February 06, 2015

Things you can do for free in Vienna

Vienna is a great city to explore, but you don't necessarily have to spend money to do this. There are so many sights and things to see which will give you a great look at Vienna without paying for something. So here is my list of things you can do for free in Vienna

St. Stephans Cathredral
One of the most impressive cathedrals in Vienna is St. Stephens Cathedral. It may be one of my favorite cathedrals until now, and especially at night it's lit up so beautifully! It's breathtaking. The best part of this all, you can visit this beauty for free! Ofcourse, when you pay a little you're able to get access to parts of the church which you won't have otherwise. But still, you can get a pretty good look at the interior of this beautiful cathedral without spending a dime!

Gardens of Schloss Schönbrunn
If you're interested in going to Vienna, you may have heard or read about Schloss Schönbrunn, a beautiful palace for emperor Leopold I and later Maria Theresa. This palace is a beauty from both the in- and outside which you can see buy buying a ticket. However, you don't have to buy a ticket for the gardens around the palace!
'Unfortunately' it snowed when we were there, so the gardens were covered in a thick layer of snow, but if you can believe the advertisements, these gardens are supposed to be gorgeous! 


Gardens of Belvedere
The same story goes for the gardens at Belvedere palace.. all covered in a thick layer of snow. Nevertheless, I had a great time there! For free! Of course you need to pay to see the palace and it's art, but the gardens have free access. 

If you're into modern art, but not willing to spend a lot of money, you might consider visiting the Hundertwasserhaus. This apartment building was designed by the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser and has such a quirky exterior. I've never seen something like it before. All the colors and organic form were new for me, well.. for an apartment building that is. 

And ofcourse, you can go windowshopping in the shoppingstreet; Kärntnerstrasse. It's always nice to see how shops differ from you own country and there's always a little street entertainment.

If you've ever been to Vienna, what did you do for free? Let me know in the comments!

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