Sunday, February 15, 2015

I'm stressed out!

Remember number 13 on my list of 25 things you didn't know about me? Yeah, that exact thing is annoying the *bleep* out of me! I'm having trouble sleeping for the last couple of nights because I just keep on overthinking everything I still need to do and problems I'm facing at the moment. Right now there's just a lot going on in my life

First I couldn't sleep because we had trouble finding a new place to live. We kept on getting rejected for apartments because we're still students and we don't have a lot of money to pay on rent. And in my opinion, these landlords are demanding way too high incomes for a relatively low rent. So I got a little stressed out about that, since we are forced to leave our current home at the 2nd of March. It's getting demolished... 

BUT THEN! We finally found an apartement! We got lucky though, because also this landlord was doubting us for our income, but in the end he made up his mind and chose US to rent his appartment! Yay! I was so ecstatic! However, me being me, this resulted in sleepless nights because I wished I could move in immediately. In my head, the entire apartment is already furnished and decorated and looks so pretty! 

Unfortunately, this happiness was soon to be interrupted by the organization from which we rent our current home. We're facing some issues which is beyond our responsibility, and they are not helping us whatsoever. Worse even, they're trying to make their problems ours. It makes me so mad! Yet again a reason for me to stay awake the entire night. Ugh! 

I can't wait to move into our new apartment guys! I want all these problems to be over and just start with a new, pretty apartment. And get some sleep during the nights :)

Do you also have sleepless nights when something is going on in you're life? Or are you able to relax every night no matter what? If so, tell me your secret! Please! :D

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