Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Things you can do for free in Bratislava

A few days ago, you could read about my thoughts on BratislavaWe visited Bratislava on a monday, the day that all the musea are closed, but still we managed to have fun there. Without spending any money! (Well.. except for getting something to eat ofcourse). So what did we do in the hours we spend there? 

The historical city center
Bratislava has a beautiful old city center! Definitely worth checking this out when you're there. It has many old buildings, and when we got there, there was a little snow, so that it all the more like a fairytale-ish city center. I especially liked the city center when it got a little dark. It looked so cosy and cute!

The view from castle 'Hrad'
WOW! Just.. wow! Wat a stunning view we had from the hill on which castle 'Hrad' is located. We could see the entire city of Bratislava!

Visit multiple churches
Bratislava has many little churches you can check out while you're walking through the city. I especially liked the church of St. Elizabeth a.k.a 'Blue Church'.

The view from the UFO bridge
There is an enormous bridge crossing the Danube river, which will give you an amazing view over the river! Also, above the bridge is the UFO tower. This tower will give you access to an even more stunning view from a height of 95 metres! But you'll have to pay €6,-. So even you don't want to spend a lot of money, the bridge is fine, too!

Have you ever been to Bratislava? If so, what did you do there? 

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