Thursday, October 16, 2014

DIY | Autumn collage


When I went out the door for a refreshing stroll in the woods last sunday, I did so with a purpose. 
I was feeling crafty and wanted to make a collage of autumn leaves. And so I searched for a few leaves which had these gorgeous red colors, but .. it proved to be harder than I thought :(

.. however, I succeeded! Yesss! I found a few beautiful leaves. And thus I was all set to go and get craftsy. But in my enthusiasm I forgot that the leaves needed to be pressed in order to dry thoroughly. So here I am, 4 days later and I'm finally able to do something :)

Let's get started then!

What you need to start with is: 
Picture frames
Leaves (duhh..)
Regular white paper 
Some old newspaper (or something else you can protect you table with)

Step 1
Take some of the white paper, the coffeepads and water. 
Dip the coffeepads in the water and start rubbing this onto the paper. You'll notice that the paper will get a slight brownish color. I love this color to work with as a the background of our collage, it suits with the color of the leaves (I think). 
After you have done that, you have to leave the paper to dry, but if you want to speed things up a little, you can also blowdry it ;)

Step 2
So now the first step is completed. For step two you could cut out a passe partout, because I personally like it better that way, but if you dont, then leave it out. 

Step 3
Right now we can arrange the leaves on top of the dried paper the way you like it. You can go as wild as you please, but you could also decide to keep things a little minimalistic. Just do whatever suits you best :)

Step 4
When you're happy with the arrangement of the leaves, you can put them into the picture frames. You don't have to glue the leaves onto the paper since the frames will hold everything in place. 

And now you're done! 

This was such an easy craft to do, I think it didn't take me any longer then 1 hour in total (for three picture frames), but it can really set the mood in your house. 

I hope you all liked it! 

Have a great day
Bye <3


  1. Ah frek, had net een comment geschreven, maar die is nu verwijderd. Sorry voor de dubbelpost, mocht die andere comment opeens weer verschijnen xD haha

    Maar Inge, dit is echt awesome! Ik ga dit ook sowieso een keer proberen. Ik had wel een vraagje, want gebruik je 200grams papier of zwaarder? Want gaat je papier anders niet bobbelen als je met waterige pads erover heen gaat? Of heb je daar een tip voor? :)

    Zulke dingen vind ik leuk om te lezen!


    1. Hee Dara!!! Bedankt voor je compliment hihi!
      Ik heb gewoon standaard printpapier gebruikt (75 gram) en het begint inderdaad te bobbelen wanneer het nat word, maar dat wordt platgedrukt zodra je het in een lijstje doet. Haha.