Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Review | HEMA make-up

Yay! My very first make-up review!!

Even though I don't wear a lot of make-up, I still use a little to hide those small imperfections (you know what I mean ;)) 

So, for today I'm gonna show you some make-up I bought at HEMA. For my non-fellow 'Dutchies', the HEMA is a warehouse where you can buy basically eveything (love it!) for a very good price! It also sells a whole range of make-up items and other types of cosmetics and right now I'll show you what I think. 

First we have the CC foundation. This is the first time I have ever tried this foundation and I have to tell you, I absolutely love it. 
It covers my blemishes really well, and it also hides the dark circles under my eyes
 It feels really soft and it blends in with my skin really well.
I also think that the pump is really handy since I've had a few bad experiences with foundation tubes where my hand got completely covered in foundation :( So yeah, gotta love the pump!
Price: €10,-

Next we have the mineral compact powder. 
I use this product to finish off my skin and make it stop shining. 
I really like this powder, even though it's a little 'dusty'. You can see the a little loose powder on my face, so most of the time I have to get rid of that in the end.
Price: €5,50.

This was my first nailpolish from the HEMA collection, ever, and I absolutely love this color, it's perfect for autumn days! You can't really tell from the picture, but this color is a dark wine red color. So, I tried it that same day (hihi, couldn't wait!). It didn't give full coverage the first time I applied it and it left little streaks, but the second time covered these streaks and gave my nail the right color.
It says on the bottle that it should be long lasting, however, my experience is a little different. After 2 or 3 days, the nailpolish starts to come off :( And when I'm having long nails (I usually don't) it leaves markings on my desk.
Price: €2,50

Last but not least, the brushes. I never ever used brushes in my life, I always applied my foundation with my fingers, but recently I started getting annoyed by having to was my hands every single time before I could continue with the rest of my make-up. So I figured I should give these brushes a go and I was pleasantly suprised. The foundation brush makes it really easy for me to apply foundation and it doesn't feel so icky (I started feeling that using my fingers was unhygienic). 
I also bought a powder brush, but even though the HEMA doesn't sell a smaller one, I really have the feeling that this brush is maybe a bit too big for me. It sometimes feels like I'm being dusted off with a feather duster. But what do I know, since this is the first time that I have ever used brushes for applying make up.
I can't really remember what the price of these brushes were exactly, but I thought that the powder brush was around €3,50 and the foundation brush €3,- 

Overall impression
I really like make-up from the HEMA! Ever since I started using make-up (age 13?) this has been the store where I would buy everything. It has such a reasonable price and for a girl like me who doesn't feel the need to use a lot of make-up, it's just perfect. 

I hope you liked my FIRST make-up review!
If you have any questions/suggestions/tips or advice, comment me!

Thank you!
Byee x

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