Sunday, October 19, 2014

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Happy sunday everybody!

Some of you may know that I currently live in an 'anti squat' house (weird word), which basically means that I get to live in houses for a really low rent to prevent these houses from being squatted.
I started living like this as soon as I started university almost four years ago and I really wasn't looking forward to living with a bunch of students who don't clean up after themselves (ugh!). Also, I hate saying this about myself, I tend to be a little of a cheapskate (hihi). The prices you have to pay in the Netherlands to get a decent room to live in are sky high! So, for me, living in these 'anti squatting' houses has been an answer to my problems.


there are unfortunately some downturns. When you're living in these kinds of houses you have to be prepared to move a lot. This is because most of the houses are ready to be demolished because they are old and often do not fit the current housing criteria anymore.

And this, people, is my problem. At the moment I'm living in a house which has suffered the terrible taste and obvious lack of 'house maintaining' skills of of the former residents. There were nails and stickers everywhere, it smelled as if they turned it into a bar and (which is probably the worst), they have painted every square inch of this house in the most digusting colors. It went from black, to brown, to yellow, to pink and blue. Just H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E..

And because of all this, I'm having a hard to time to get it cosy and make it feel like a home. The entire house has just been worn out *cries a little*.

But, luckily we have something called Pinterest and this just really helps me to get ideas of how to turn this shack into my own humble abode.

So here are some gorgeous pictures from Pinterest that really inspire me to do something about my own house.


I will try this in August changing my living room to white and grey (gray) and beige (cream)
Shelf with leaning framed photos and string lights

Simple desk

This living room has major personality and the pieces look great as an ensemble. LOVE it!!

Mason jars are so cute - and if I can't find room for a dressing table I'll definitely be fighting for something like this in the bathroom!

Cute idea for an office space in my apartment! Lauren Elizabeth: Apartment Style: Bedroom

33 Interior Decorating Ideas Bringing Natural Materials and Handmade Design into Eco Homes -- there are some very cool ideas.

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