Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hotspot | Petterson // Leiden

Remember the gorgeous view on the boats on the Galgewater from my photo impression of Leiden? Well, you can have just that when you decide to take a bite at Petterson. A uniquely shaped, floating restaurant.

This restaurant is super light because every wall is made of glass. A great place to view the boats and the great variety of people walking by.

I went there to get some breakfast to get a good start of the day. I had a lot of studying ahead of me. It was delicious guys! And super healthy! 3 crackers with strawberry jam, salmon and cheese, an egg and some vegetables. Yummy! This breakfast includes a cup of coffee or tea, and I chose a nice fresh mint tea. This all costed me only €11,50. 

The service was also great! We were greeted as soon as we came through the door and we could give our orders very quickly. 

Go and check it out guys! They are opened everyday from 9 am until 9 pm.

Adress: Prinsessekade 5L, Leiden
Website: http://www.petterssonleiden.nl/

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