Saturday, January 31, 2015

How I think about Bratislava

During our stay in Vienna, we stumbled upon a day called 'monday', the day on which every museum is closed! I don't really understand why this is still a thing nowadays. Anyways, we started thinking about what we could do on this 'museumless monday', and my boyfriend came up with the perfect idea; check out Bratislava!

We already saw a little brochure in the touristcenters which said that it's just one hour by train to Bratislava from Vienna's main station and that it only costs €16,- per person for a return ticket! It was so easy to get these tickets, so that's what we did! We went to Bratislava on monday!

I never really considered going to Bratislava until that moment, so I didn't have a clue of what to expect. So, in retrospect, what are my thoughts about Bratislava?

First of all, I thought it was a cute city, quite small in my opinion, but with many picturesque streets and alleys. I loved walking through them. 

Also, there are so many beautiful churches. I especially loved the 'Blue Church'. It looked like a big gingerbread house covered in icing.

However, in contrast to it's cute and picturesque aspects, there's also a lot of decay to be seen. I've never seen so many overgrown, empty buildings which looked like they were abandoned years ago. It's so sad to see! 

We spend a few hours in Bratislava and I almost immediately noticed the vast amount of ATM machines there. In just a couple of square metres, I could count 4 to 5 machines, in the Netherlands you actually have to look for these things. So I thought this was weird, but it got clear to me quite soon after that. We stopped at three places to eat something (yes, we ate a lot the last couple of days, and luckily it's very cheap eating in Bratislava), and in none of these places we were able to pay by card... Also in the UFO tower for the panorama platform we couldn't pay by card. So, I guess paying with plastic just isn't a thing (yet) in Bratislava, and you need to have cash on you any time!

So, these were my thoughts on Bratislava! I really liked the city, but it was also very small and very quickly I had the idea that I'd seen it all. Ofcourse, because it was monday (grrr) museums were closed and I didn't get a chance to visit those. Maybe I should go back again someday to do that, but I I don't think I'd spend a few days here. 

Have you every been to Bratislava? If so, what are your thoughts in this city? If not, whould like to visit it sometime?


  1. I would love to visit Bratislava, combined with a trip through the Czech Republic and Budapest!

    1. Hi Yvonne! Yeah, that'd be great! Just do it! Haha!