Friday, January 23, 2015

What I got to see of the world so far

So, a little while back, I downloaded the app 'Been' on my smartphone. It's an app where you can check how much you have seen of the world! So I selected every country I visited in my life.. and to tell you the truth it's a little disappointing. In my memory, it feels like I have seen way more than the 6% the 'Been' app tells me I've seen of the world. But when I think about it, it's just because I've visited a few countries multiple times (4x Austria, 2x Japan and I've visited Germany many many times since my parents lived close to the border). 

So what did I see of the world? 

Well... until now, nothing of Africa, Australia and North- and South-America unfortunately. But I'm going to NYC this summer so that will change! :)

According to the app, I've seen 22% of Europe:
- Austria
- Belgium
- Czech Republic
- England
- Finland
- Germany
- Ireland
- Italy
- Luxembourg
- Norway
- Switzerland
- The Netherlands (ofcourse!!)
- The Vatican

And I've seen 6% of Asia
- Japan
- Laos
- Thailand

In the future I hope I'll get the opportunity to see Australia, New Zealand, China and Canada. I think they are beautiful countries with amazing nature! For this year, I already made a little bucket list of what I want to see. 

You can download the app from the appstore and check it out for yourself. 
How much of the world have you seen until now? I'd love to read about it in the comments below!

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