Sunday, January 04, 2015

Travel | Why you should definitely visit Leiden sometime

First of all, HAPPY NEWYEAR EVERYBODY!! Let 2015 be a super awesome one for you! And maybe you should try and visit Leiden some time this year. A little while ago, I showed you guys some photo's of Leiden, a city which I love dearly. But, I didn't really explain why I love it so much. So here it goes!

1. It's just like Amsterdam, but smaller and less crowded with tourists. As a 'small town girl' I wasn't used to the 'big city life', even though I feel more at home in bigger cities. So, Leiden was a great starting point for me when I left my home in little Eibergen. 

2. When I say that Leiden is just like Amsterdam, I mean that it also has canals and these old houses which look quite similar to the canal houses in Amsterdam. I love them! 

3. Leiden is a city with loads and loads of students, and even though I'm not the typical outgoing and partying student, I still really like them around me. It keeps the city young and vibrant. 

4. Maybe the best feature of Leiden is its location. With Leiden as a startingpoint, you can visit a lot of other cities to go shopping or immerse yourself in the Dutch culture. By train, it only takes 10 minutes to political The Hague, 20 minutes to historical Delft, 30 minutes to vibrant Rotterdam and 30 minutes to the cultural capital of The Netherlands; Amsterdam! Win-win situation I would say!

Would you ever want to visit Leiden? And if you already have, what did you like most?

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